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Our Work

Mission & Co. Ventures

Mission & Co. Ventures mobilises capital to scale impact and create social value from market-driven projects focussing on the cross-thematic areas of Sustainability, Inclusiveness and Entrepreneurship. We create tailored-products and services that help bridge the funding gap in impact investing. By leveraging our global networks, we bring together investors, governments, the private sector and social innovation practitioners together and create high-scale impact.


Mission & Co. Advisors

Mission & Co. Advisors enables individuals and organisations with business know-how and knowledge to provide transformative business solutions. We work with organisations from across sectors as consultants to design interventions which address the systemic challenges they face in achieving sustainable development. We adapt proven processes which allow our clients to focus their work and align their resources to strategically achieve our clients’ needs and generate measurable outcomes.

Our Approach

Our Approach



Past Engagements

Past Engagements

Southeast Asian Social Innovation Network


Mission & Co. Advisors is part of the Southeast Asian Social Innovation Network, a consortium of 15 partners, including 11 universities, with Glasgow Caledonian University coordinating as the lead partner. Mission & Co. Advisors undertook a study of the social innovation ecosystem in the region and put forward recommendations to enhance the social innovation ecosystem in the region in its report “The State of the Art of Social Innovation in Southeast Asia. 

Social Progress Network Malaysia


Mission & Co. Advisors is a founding member of the Social Progress Network Malaysia that aims to advance Malaysia’s ecosystem and development by synergising multi-sector collaborations and adopting a collective impact approach to achieve social progress.

ASEAN Impact Challenge


Mission & Co. Ventures was instrumental in designing and implementing the ASEAN impact Challenge, an ASEAN-wide innovation for impact competition in 10 countries, working with over 60 impact partners including corporations, governments, multilateral agencies and philanthropic organisations interested in investing in innovations for sustainable communities and resilient nations.

Education in Malaysia: Opportunities For Impact


Mission & Co. was commissioned by Credit Suisse Asia Pacific Office to do a mapping exercise of the opportunities for impact in Education in Malaysia. The report formed the basis of action and provided recommendations of focus areas for a group of education funders that later became the Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative. Read the report here.

National Innovation Agency


Mission & Co. Advisors conducted a Feasibility Study On Social Financing and New Models for Public-Private Partnerships for the National Innovation Agency at the Prime Minister’s Department. This study contributed towards the strategy of using Islamic Finance in the design of the Social Outcomes Fund.

UNDP Centre for Public Service Excellence


Mission & Co. Advisors authored a policy note for the UNDP Centre for Public Sector Service Excellence on models for public sector innovation and citizen-business partnerships, including innovative financing and peer-to-peer mechanisms for supporting the delivery of public goods.

Read the report here .

UnLtd Malaysia


UnLtd Malaysia was established as a venture seed fund that supported 70 individual changemakers to translate their ideas into impact business models in addition to supporting a further 50 ventures in Southeast Asia to connect to mentors and investors and attract USD5 million in funding.

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